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What does science mean to me?
By Jack Williams

What is science to me? It wasn't until stumbling across Innately Science that I truly understood what it meant to be a scientist. Without a proper understanding of what a scientist truly was, my comprehension of science was limited. Initially, I associated science with what I saw in science fiction movies - time travel, lightsabers, intergalactic travel, or classic scenarios like "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". My perception of science was largely influenced by movie-based depictions or the stereotypical image of a scientist in a lab coat, wielding a bunsen burner and working with exploding test tubes.


Nevertheless, I was always fascinated by these concepts, and that early fascination fueled my curiosity as I grew into adulthood. During my school years, I was more focused on social interactions and had a passing interest in history, with basketball being my main passion. However, it wasn't until my early to mid-20s that my curiosity truly began to shine. Documentaries, podcasts, online articles, and other sources became my go-to for learning. I wanted to know about everything and anything - from how the universe works to the vital role of bees in the Earth's ecosystem, from how volcanoes form islands to how whales interact with their environment. My thirst for knowledge had surpassed the limited scope of learning about America's Civil Rights movement in high school, and I now craved learning opportunities wherever I could find them.


This led me to a profound realization about the inherent nature of science - that science is all around us, in everything we do. Making coffee in the morning involves science, as does the act of breathing or writing an article like this one. Science encompasses every aspect of our lives, and in a way, we are all scientists, even if we don't realize it. Some individuals simply take their curiosity and passion for understanding the world around them to a deeper level.


It was during my time in high school when I unknowingly conducted scientific experiments of my own. I was fascinated by social interactions and how different groups of people reacted to various situations. This interest eventually led me to become a life coach, utilizing the knowledge I gained and continuously expanding my understanding of human psychology to help people overcome challenges and thrive in their lives.


My curiosity accompanies me wherever I go. While I may not hold a formal degree or diploma with titles like PhD, astrophysicist, or bioengineer, I find myself constantly questioning and pondering the inner workings of things. Even the simple act of making breakfast in the morning is a scientific endeavor. Mixing ingredients is akin to mixing chemicals, with measurements and processes involved in the combination. Even eating and digesting food involves a complex scientific process within our bodies, and it never ceases to amaze me how intricately our bodies work. I find myself easily delving into the science behind any topic, as it is awe-inspiring to understand the underlying principles. Whether we realize it or not, we are all performing scientific experiments on a daily basis, and in a way, we ourselves are walking, talking experiments. Some individuals are just fortunate enough to be paid to explore and understand these concepts at a deeper level.


I am incredibly grateful to Innately Science for reshaping my perception of the word "science" and the title "scientist." The truth is, everything is science and everyone is a scientist. It simply depends on how far one's curiosity will take them on their scientific journeys. I will continue to allow my curiosity to be captivated by everything around me. Where will you let your curiosity lead you?


About Jack


Jack Williams is a podcaster and life coach. Through his personalised life coaching services that are tailored to his client’s unique needs, he helps his clients to identify and overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. His podcast sheds light on challenging topics and interviews amazing people doing incredible things in this world.


Podcast: Lost in Living available on RSS and Spotify

Youtube: Boardies & Beanies @LostInLiving

All views/opinions shared in this article are the views/opinions of the writer.

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