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Thoughts from the Curiosity Den...

Curiosity Is Innate

When you think of a ‘scientist’, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Someone in a white coat mixing chemicals? How about a potter, a photographer or a jam maker? Aren’t they all scientists? Aren’t we all scientists?

Being a scientist is being someone that is curious, asking questions, seeking knowledge, trying new things and trialing new ways in order to see the outcome. What is so different to those trying to develop a treatment to someone that is mixing ingredients in order to make bread? We all have this innate curiosity and desire to know more, to find more and to understand the world around us. We do not need a certificate to tell us we can practice science, instead we need the courage to embrace our own curiosity.

Curiosity is innate. Do you remember being a child and constantly asking the question why? When did we stop asking why? Did you stop asking why? We were all born scientists, let us remind ourselves of that. Being a scientist means embracing the unknown and questioning the world around you - so ask questions and hope you never find the answers. Despite science being seen as finding answers to questions, more often than not those answers presented are always found to be partial truths or incorrect assumptions. There is nothing wrong in that. There is a beauty in never being quite right. It means there is always room to ask more questions and to be in awe of a world that gives us wonder, magic and possibility.

“Being a scientist means embracing the unknown and questioning the world around you - so ask questions and hope you never find the answers”

We are all on a scientific journey. A journey that empowers us all, that allows us to grow, and one that makes us into better, more curious, human beings. Curiosity isn’t always about just asking questions, it is much more than that. Questions lead us down paths, give us guidance on our quest (that is life), and ultimately shape what we choose to become. Where has your curiosity taken you? For some it has been down a research path questioning whether there is a cure for an illness. For others it is down a conservation path attempting to keep the beautiful creatures of this world here for generations to come. So whatever it is you have chosen to do, ask yourself how curiosity has shaped your choices and how it continues to evolve them.

If you are still convinced you are not a scientist, then consider yourself extra lucky that you get to re-start the journey you had originally started when you were born. It is time to revive that innate curiosity, to question everything, and to embrace life for what it is - something we will never completely understand. There is so much beauty in that. Be mindful throughout your journey, have courage to face the unknown, and be excited by challenging the habits you may have become accustomed to. It is time to become the scientist that, deep down, you already are.


I am a scientist. I embrace my innate curiosity and find beauty in the unknown

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