Innately Science was developed on the principles of collaboration and accessibility in science. As a science communication platform, Innately Science aims to provide access to resources that will assist you on your scientific journey.

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Dr Nadia Rajab

Dr Nadia Rajab trained at the University of Glasgow (BSc Hons) and University of Melbourne (PhD) in immunology and stem cell biology. Her research combines computational and stem cell models of human macrophage biology, and has resulted in the creation of the Myeloid atlas in the platform to enable others to benchmark new models of human immune cells. Nadia holds leadership positions on the organising committee for the University of Melbourne and ASSCR Stem Cell Conversations series, of which she was a founding member in 2020. Nadia is a published author, freelance writer and actively contributes to teaching in a range of University biomedical subjects in addition to developing teaching resources and courses for both High School and University levels. Beyond her passion for education and science communication, Nadia's  interests also include volunteering in outreach programs and mentoring science students. 


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A big thank you to these two talented people (Rachel Ingham and Henry Glaspole). Thank you both for your collaborative discussions to help shape Innately Science. 

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